[Note] 2022 Q1 progress + Beta

Hi everyone,

I - What's been going on.

It has been over a month and a half since I've left a little update on this project. If you follow my Tumblr, you'd already know why (TLDR: I strained my wrists so much I could not move them for 2 weeks).

January and February were very, very, busy months, with the release of SPS Iron Hammer and the release of Scene 2 , followed shortly by Scene 3 early March. Having done so much without any form of break or taking care much of myself, it took a toll on me, especially my hands. A few days after releasing Scene 3, I could not move my wrists and some of my fingers without pain. For 2 weeks, I could barely do anything without help, even with a wrist guard. I could type with just 2 fingers and not more than 5min before it hurt. It was pretty bad. 

So I've been forced to make March a break month. It sucked a lot. But it was either that or make further permanent damage to my hands :/

Moral of the bummer story: take a break, drink some water, stretch your joints.

Now, this was even more of a bummer because Scene 3 (Sunwin Park) was getting quite a bit of positive responses (yay!), which took me a while to answer (sorry). I am really happy people have enjoyed this addition and CRWL as a whole. I know my updates have been all over the place, with me changing parts in previous published scenes or adding on variables forcing everyone to restart. So it was a relief that it continued to get this much engagement!

(I know I brought back a bug that I had fixed in a previous update, sorry)

II - What's to come.

So, I post more regular updates on my progress on my Tumblr; if you want to know what's up, that's where to go.

Anyway, I've been hard at work on the next update. Scene 4 (Judy's Scissors) will be around 20k words (i think) and will include both morning and afternoon variations of the path. It is fully written and proofread, only waiting to be coded. I've also made some changes to the previous scenes (again): typo/grammar edits, added variation in choices, a new small path, etc.

With this new update (coming soon, End -May maybe), I want to cover my bases and avoid bugs (and typos) as much as possible. So I'm looking for Beta testers to play through the new update. More info HERE, DL: end of April.

I think that covers everything.

See you in May (hopefully)!

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