[Hotfix] Bug

Hi there,

Only came back to fix a handful of issues.

  • The Codex had a few passages not rendering, especially in the Quests.
  • The links in the Codex should not space out and create a glitchy effect (hopefully).
  • Fixed the code that messed with the formatting of Names with hyphens or with multiple words
  • Fixed some minor UI issues

Also added TWO accessibility settings:

  • toggling the italics in the dialog (set to italics by default)
  • themes! Original (the basic one), Basic (same but without images in the backgrounds), Dark (Black/Dark Grey background)

[The Dark mode is a bit of a WIP, so some part may look a bit weird]

24-Jul: fixed a bug when choosing your morning attire + some typos
30-Jul: Issue with a Codex page showing a variable instead of value + pronoun issue


CRWL VA1-4.04.zip 7 MB
Jul 22, 2022

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