[Note] 2022 Q2 Progress

Hi Everyone!

Long time no see! I've been working hard on the next update. May came and went and the update has been taking much longer than hoped. A lot needed to be fixed aside from the new addition. The beta is in its final stages. You should expect the update to happen somewhere this month! (date TBD)

I've shared some of the add-ons to be expected in the next update throughout last month over on my  Tumblr. There will be a lot! Here are a few things you can expect:

  • New chapter! (20k words) with a new puzzle!
  • New settings (line-height, text alignment, (dis/en)abling text animation)
  • Being able to skip the prologue altogether
  • Edited chapters (about 25k words extra for Scenes 1-3) with added variation 
  • Improved Codex (5k words, with Quest trackers!) and Player Character Pages
  • Various bug fixes

See you soon!

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