CRWL - UI Update and Fixes

Hi all,

I know the last update wasn't that long ago, but there were a lot more fixes that needed to be taken care of.


  • Code: Codex used to show the wrong gender for one of the parent.
  • Code: Some macros were missing some closing links.
  • Text: fixed some typos
  • Settings: Notification settings work properly now.
  • UI: fixed the messy code that made the sidebar do weird things in some resolutions AND mobile should be more consistent in view.


  • Codex: Included the new characters the MC can meet and the maps of the new places (the rest of the manor and the capital).
  • UI: Added a proper TW page at the start of the game and made Credit page on the menu finally visible.
  • Code: Added a new characteristic choice. When you choose a gender after waking up, it will only affect the pronouns. You get to choose how your body looks later on (masc/fem/andro).
  • Settings: you can choose to autosave the game or not, on top of autonaming it.


  • Style: Prologue has a new design to reflect the vibe.
  • Style: lists have different icons. Some of them change a bit when hovered.
  • Style: the settings/save/restart pop-up got edited as well.
  • Settings: Autosave happens on the second screen rather than the title, and at the beginning of each new title-scene.
  • Code: The name text-box will give you one of 6 different examples instead of Type in Name.


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Feb 12, 2022

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