[Update] CRWL: Scene 4 is online!

Scene 4 has been added to the Demo!


I have spent the past few months reworking and refining this update to make it all nice and shiny. It is finally ready! I can now take a break, lol

This will update is bringing over 63k DOUBLE CHECK words of new and edited contents and Codex. This amounts to 52k words in an average playthrough count (not counting the codex).

What you can expect in this update:

  • Visit the trendy shop of Judy's Scissors.
  • Choose your outfit for the ball.
  • Have some interesting exchanges with the owner.
  • Find a strange object with a lock.

Again there are a lot of things I have edited and fixed on top of the added Scene. So full Dev log below.

A huge thanks to @gamesbyalbie, @groggydog, Lore, MeiZi, Riviera, & SjoerdHekking for beta testing the game, their invaluable help with their advices and help!

IMPORTANT: You will need to restart the game completely, since [again] I’ve changed a lot of code. Also spoiler-y.


  • Story: Added Scene 4 (Original path and Morning path)
  • Story S2: Possibility to ask Theo to leave before the Ball.
  • Story S2: Added a flirting option with Raymond
  • Story S3: Possibility to visit the Palace in the afternoon under a specific circumstance.
  • Story S3: Possibility to choose a destination other than Judy's Scissors at the end of Sunwin Garden.
  • Story: You can now ask Jonah for destination recommendation and another question (if you found a thing)
  • Codex: Expanded Codex (More P.o.I and Lore)
  • Codex: Added a Quest and Clues pages to track your progress
  • Settings: Added text-alignment setting + Disabling text animation
  • Settings: Changed the Garamond Font and added 3 more fonts
  • Code: You can now skip the Prologue
  • Other: Updated the Trigger Warning list.
  • Other: Added your Schedule to the inventory page.
  • MC Customisation: Added grey eyes, choice of wrapped hair instead of wigs, family pet.
  • WIP: Relationship/Stats meters


  • Setting: Fixed autosave that would save at every passage rather than just the start of chapters
  • Code: Fixed the return from Codex bug, making you skip a part of the story.
  • Code: Fixed the MC and Edit Appearance Pages (not showing a value or showing wrong values).
  • Formatting: fixed the dialog indent, paragraph space and italics.
  • Code: fixed links going to the wrong passage.
  • Code: fixed code showing the wrong type of text when choosing a destination
  • Code: fixed code showing the wrong result of your bets
  • Code: fixed missing code for the MC title.
  • Code: the button to confirm your bets has been fixed. Only one click is needed.
  • Formatting: The end of italics sentences are more visible.
  • UI: Long Dialog boxes not having a margin at the bottom of the page for large screens
  • UI: greyscale did weird things in Firefox and did not include the background
  • Codex: Razac's page does not include part of Raymond's codex.


  • UI: The Credit Page is now a dialog box
  • UI: The Character Codex and Maps Pages are now under the Codex
  • UI: The Codex and MC Pages had been reformatted, with a side menu.
  • Code/Text: Renamed some Passages (Destinations and Search Rooms) for easier re-use between Scenes.
  • Code/UI: The bets are in a dialog box rather than the main page.
  • Story: Edited/Proofread again Scenes 1 to 3.
  • Story: Edited passages with missing variation when visited multiple times (especially S1 with looking through the room, and the destination pages).
  • Code: Moved to TWEEGO and reorganised my code.
  • Code: Gender and Pronouns are now separate.


  • You may not reach the END Demo page if you chose to go to Judy in the morning. I will add the missing passage in the next update :)

Aside from answering asks/fixing bugs, I will be taking some time away from writing this story to focus on other projects nearing completion (see @manonamora-if for more info). I just need a break from the story for a bit.

30/06 - fixed the Emilia passages if you play her game or kill her with kindness
30/06 - 1st round of fixes from the Google form: issues with the desk and appearance
01/07 - 2nd round of fixes: codex calendar was not showing, link to the Palace in the afternoon was available when it should not have been, some pronouns fixes
02/07 - Link to the Palace after opening the lock is fixed.


CRWL VA1-4.03.zip 7 MB
Jul 02, 2022

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