[Update] CRWL: Scene 3 is now online!

Hi everyone!

This update will give you about 33k of new content (Scene 3, and edits done in previous scenes). I think this adds to about 12k on the average playthrough count (yes, there are a lot of choices and variation in this update. A LOT).

What you can expect in this update:

  • A visit in the Number 1 place for picnics and other outdoor congregation among nobles.
  • A chance to participate in that week's exciting event! Or to be a spectator in said event.
  • Meeting your Rival (or so she calls herself) and maybe interact with her.
  • Maybe have an mystery encounter?
  • Finding a cipher to break (breaking the code is not needed in this scene and further help will be provided later on)

There are a lot of other things I have done behind the scene.

IMPORTANT: You will need to restart the game completely, since I've changed a lot of code.


  • Story: Added Scene 3
  • Story: Added fluff in different scenes with Anne (involving the size of your MC.
  • Story S3: The result of the event will give a random crowning for the Spectator route (this was not supposed to be implemented, but I found how to code it).
  • Story S3: MC will receive a random code for the mysterious note (similar reason as above).
  • Code: Added inventory.
  • Settings: Added a line-height category.
  • Accessibility: I've added some code around the cycle macro so the game should be accessible to text reader.
  • Other: Added a page for the full Trigger Warning list per scene (please let me know if I forgot one)
  • Other: Added a ling in the game to report Bugs as a Google form


  • Formatting: fixing some inconsistencies (empty space...)
  • Formatting: Return button in the credit page is now bigger
  • Code: fixed links going to the wrong passage
  • Code: fixed choice of destination (Baron -> Judy)
  • Code: fixed bug to choose the black outfit after selecting another one previously
  • Code: fixed bug with pronouns of side characters changing, missing pronoun code.
  • Settings: Padding added at the bottom of the dialog to show properly


  • Code/Text: Renamed the Chapters into Scenes, see this post for the reason.
  • Code/Text: Edited the dialog to make the change of speaker more obvious (indent + quotes are not italics anymore)
  • Story: Better description of the vanity scene, especially around the hair care part.
  • Story: If MC is thrown out of Theo's office, a new text will appear taking this into account.
  • Story: Harbour route as been reworked (will be completed in a future update).
  • Code: Fixed some variables and unbloated the code.
  • Codex: Codex updated to include Maps of the town, Intro of Emilia and Razac.


* The final passage will turn black, hiding the back button and only allowing you to restart the game. The game will autosave before you reach the final passage, leaving you the possibility of going backward. If you have the notification enabled, you will get one.

- You may need to click the confirm button twice if you change your bet after the text has been displayed. - The route to Judy is still unavailable until Scene 4.


CRWL V2-2.0.zip Play in browser
Mar 03, 2022

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