This game was created for the @interact-if 2022 ranked game jam (theme: cliffhanger). If you've enjoyed playing it, consider rating it  and leave a comment here! (I am also two-timing this by submitting it in the Finally Finish Something jam too, because I haven't finished a project in a while)

They say you have been on board the longest. How long? You are not quite sure, not anymore. You do not remember a time before the SPS Iron Hammer. You don't know how you even ended up on this spaceship to begin with. You just seemed to have appeared one day onboard, as many have before you and many more have after. You were give a suit, #8019, and some menial tasks to complete every day.

Ensure that these are done in a timely manner and avoid causing any trouble, and you will spend your life content and taken care of. Failure to comply, and well... You are no quite sure, but you'd rather not find out yourself.

Until now, your life onboard of the SPS Iron Hammer has been quite pleasurable. Since you've set foot on this ship, you had need for nothing, nor wanted anything. Sure, not remembering a single thing prior to your arrival is peculiar, but no one else on the ship remembers their life either. To be honest, you are not sure you would want to remember either. You would rather not want to learn anything negative about your past life... or yourself.

For a long time, all of this was sufficient to you. You were quite happy with your life onboard the SPS Iron Hammer. Until this new crew member appeared, Jake he called himself. A loner peculiar young man who will confide in you, if you allow him to. A secret that will change your life.

Between choosing to live your life in peaceful bliss and finding the truth, how will you reconcile your place on the SPS Iron Hammer?

Content Warning: some animation (timed text, blinking text), foul language and swearing, mention of violence, mention of death, mention of bodily harm.


#64073 : A rough man, bit of a bully.

#93482 : A threatening woman, #64073’s follower.

P.I.R.I. : The ship’s AI, supervising over the crew and ensuring their good well-being.

Cenisa : A medial attendant, with a haughty personality.

Jake : The new crew member with a terrible secret.

  • Total Word Count: about 45k without code, 48k with code.
  • Average Playthrough: about 20k words.
  • Average Playtime: 45 min-1h (based on a 20k words playthrough)
  • Endings: 11 (half of them are similar to at least another one)

If you've enjoyed playing this game (or not), please consider rating it and leaving a comment on this page, rating it on its IFDB page, or sharing it with anyone who might like it.

This game was made on Twine. It is currently only optimized to be played on a computer and Firefox browser. The game is still playable on other devices/browsers, but you may encounter viewing issues. A future update (after the jam) is planed for this. (Template from @innerdemons-if)


StatusOn hold
Release date Jan 31, 2022
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Atmospheric, cliffhanger, Mystery, Narrative, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button

Development log


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this is super cool and really got me thinking!! have you ever considered expanding on this idea or would you prefer to leave it as is?


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

I do plan on expanding this project in the future. I have mapped out the whole mystery/solving mechanism already. But I don't know when this will happen just yet. Maybe next year, maybe the next one :P


Ok future me, do your thing and edit after this post 

hahaha what?


It was meant to be a joke where I edit the post after I finish the game. Sorry if it turned out bad! Didn't mean anything with it.

ah no worries! it was funny, it was just a bit confused :P
i hope you enjoyed the game :)

Sorry! And no worries. Future me shall answer as soon as I finish, but I'm liking it so far :) 

Happy to hear that!
(no need to apologize as all :) )


Yet another awesome story from you ❤ This is great!


Thank you!!! (That made my morning 😊 )


Congrats on finishing the game jam! I loved this story, it sucked me in right away and kept me interested until the end. I've gotten two endings so far and I'm definitely going to replay again to see what else I can find out. Awesome job!!


Awwww Thank you!!!

Really happy you enjoyed it!