The Trials and Tribulations of Edward Harcourt

Friday February 2nd, 1923 My dearest friend, Such good fortune has befallen me, that I scarcely dare write you in case it is merely some joke played on me by fate. Lord knows that Fortuna has not been kind to me in this life. Yet fortune is fickle, and it seems the Lady has finally deigned to smile on me.

It had been years since you last saw Edward Harcourt last. Along with this sudden wish to reconnect, Edward promptly invites you to join him in his new abode of Castle Gairbuie, on the North-Western coast of Scotland, and to reward your loyal friendship.

You do not believe this vague letter is all there is to this mystery...

  • Play as a woman, man, or person without interest for labels (non-gendered terms).
  • Choose your first, middle (optional) and last name, your pronouns (neo + customisable), and your appearance.
  • Choose how you met with Edward (4 options) and how your relationship with him evolved (3 options).
  • Investigate for clues, solve some puzzles, stop [REDACTED] and help Edward find the truth.
  • Includes a Character Page and Journal to track your progress.
  • Key-binded links and Menu (press H for the whole list)
  • Mobile accessible (portrait orientation).
  • Screen-reader accessible.
  • Options to change the font, size, alignment of the text.

Written by MelS and coded by manonamoraThe age rating is 16+.

TW List

Mention of death and suicide, violence and threats, bodily fluids, war, use of alcohol and drugs, swearing and insults.


  • Total wordcount: about 43k, all branches, excluding codex.
  • Playtime: about 2h.

Recommended to play with atmospheric gothic horror playlists (like this one).


StatusIn development
Release date Oct 25, 2022
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle
Made withTwine
TagsCharacter Customization, cosmic-horror, Horror, investigation, Lovecraftian Horror, Mystery, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Blind friendly

Development log


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i found this on the ifdb while looking for some good twine games, and this definitely did not disappoint. the mystery has me invested, the writing is extremely well done, and that's not even mentioning the charm of the titular character. the chase sequence was something i found especially creative, it's impressive that you managed to do something like that even with twine. i'll definitely be looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Thank you!!
We're working hard on the missing chapters :)


I love your minigames, it's not often you see these kinds of work with actual gameplay. Also, do you have an update schedule? 

Thank you! Glad you liked it!
We've had quite a bit of fun doing those. And more puzzles are coming ;)

We don't have a set date for updates (bc the writer has less free time than me - we're on his limited schedule), but we are in the editing process of the next chapter. I do post progress updates on my blog.

>o< really awesome I love it but D: can't save


Glad you liked it :)

I don't really understand the Can't save. The game has a save function, including an autosave and an export button for the save. This located in the side bar.  Do you get an error when you push a save button? 

Would you mind explaining what happens in more details?

On mobile browser. Saves, Settings, Map affected.
(1 edit)

Hi there!

I don't seem to be able to recreate this issue :/

Could you give bit a bit more info about open the game:
- type of device
- screen size
- browser used
- whether you open the game on desktop mode on mobile
- whether you have any extention

Thank you!


Yes, yes I'm here.... waiting patiently for May 6 to arrive :)


Soon ;)


Love it

Hey is the text supposed to look like this?

(3 edits)

Not really.

{Doesn't matter, I found the culprit. It is fixed on my end, and should be up sometime this week. It is due to the height of the screen being too small.}

Are you on a phone? or tablet? or computer? 
Is that a real-size screenshot of your screen (what's the size of your screen)?

(If you are on mobile, you should not be able to have the screen in landscape mode)

(1 edit)

I'm on a PC playing the game through Chrome Browser.The screenshot is partial=sized (only captured the part where the problem was)  Screen size resolution on my PC is 1920 x 1080. The problem disappears when I use the fullscreen option in my browser.

I'm posting the full sized screenshots below:

After using fullscreen option in browser:


Thanks for getting back to me. 
Fixed on my end, will be uploaded this week (hunting another issue)


That maze honestly had me pretty spooked!!! New fear unlocked??? Extremely excited to see more of this!!


Nice! We're really glad you've enjoyed it so far :)
Stay tuned ;)

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting! The issue has been fixed. 
Sorry about that.

Does the update ends here? Bc I can't get past this poit.









(1 edit)

No, this is just the first part of the Chapter.
You should have a list of 2 options (the spots you visited in the previous chapter). 

Could you try reloading the page? If that doesn't work, can you reload your save?

Edit: tried to recreate it, with finishing Chapter 2 at the church (from your first bug issue), but don't run into the bug. If neither these options work, please send me your save file @ (so I can see if the code is messing up something I can't find)
In the meantime, you may want to load an earlier save (if you do have one, or use the back function) or enjoy replaying through the earlier chapters.

Code has been fixed. A new savefile will be required but you should not encounter this issue in the future.


Why are there no download links?

A downloadable HTML would work fine, cross platform.

Just a suggestion....

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi, there. 

We are not planning on making this game a downloadable one. :)
The game is still available online (works on any browser (mobile/tablet/desktop).


Awww.      :'(


Can't wait for more ;_;

An insane piece of creativity and thrill ✨

And yes....I read it again... :)

Thank you! We are very proud of it too :)
Don't worry, the rest is coming... MelS is writing hard.




Started playing this, really enjoying it so far! Great work, love the atmosphere.


Thank you very much!

(1 edit) (+1)

Really enjoyed the ambiance of this IF, the characters are engaging, & the story/investigation so far has me wanting to learn more!


Thank you! Glad that you do :D


I really liked the beginning!  Will there be romance in this story ?


Hi there

Glad you enjoyed it so far!

Romance will not be the focus of this game, but one path may open a romantic scene.


Exellent writing; also, great job with those backstories! Really looking forward for the next updates.

Thank you!


I like it <3


Glad you do! (I like it a lot too :) )


already in love with the premise and possibilities of this horror/romance is my jam <3 so the fact that its even added on is like icing to a cake for me looking forward to this one for sure


Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the rest of the story (when it comes out :P )

It seems interesting, but I haven't read to the end.... Will you add light mode? White text on a black background is really tiring for the eyes 😟

Deleted 1 year ago

Light mode has been added :)


Omg im so excited!!!!

:0 I'm first....

Me too! Hope you enjoy(ed) it!


It was AMAZING 🤩

I'm so thrilled to read more of this!

Thank you for creating this treasure ✨

MelS and I are so glad you did!