The Dinner

Eat... at your own risk...

My entry to the Single Choice Jam and Orifice Jam.

TW: body horror, inflicted pain, food.

This is not the version I wanted to put out, but corrupted files destroyed the 2/3rd of the game. Until I re-write the lost content, here's an alternative ending. I didn't have enough time left to write those thousands of words...


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It was both the perfect depiction of an Europian who goes to a French cuisine restaurant for the first time (no offense to any french peeps who read this comment, but you have to enlarge the portions you serve on your restaurants a bit more) and that of a food critic eating his last unsatisfactory dinner. 

Being a short one-choice game, it's as linear as one would expect for now, but the immaculate descriptions paint a vivid imagery on the reader's mind, pulling them into the main character's mind/POV. Excellent narrative overall.

The sinister ending was surprising but not unexpected considering the warnings. 

There were no grammar errors nor bugs,at least I didn't encounter any, so that's a plus too.

Even this short, the story holds its own. There can be made more additions of course. Maybe alternative epilogues for the choice and achievements for reaching them?

Overall rating on scale: 4 or 5/5 

Thanks for playing!
I'm glad you enjoyed the dinner... ;)

The OG plan was to have all 12 courses (if you managed to get there) and a little more. But life~
I'm currently working on updating another project, but an update here is around the top of the To-Do list ;)

(I'm French ;) and I agree when it comes to the more fancy restaurants. You'll find plenty of restaurants in France, esp the local cuisine ones, giving sizeable portions tho...)


Ooh, what an uncomfortable story. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The juxtaposition of sumptuous descriptions of the food and the revile that our main character responded with was interesting and off-balancing. Amusingly, I misread the TW as "inflicted food", laughed to myself, and then discovered while playing that being given the command to "Eat the Course" was actually a bit upsetting--in a good way! I weep for your lost words and hope this story is one you return to.

Thank you for the kind words!!
Also great read on the TW xD
Let's weep together until I get the spoons to re-finish it...


I really enjoyed this! A multi-course meal is such a smart way to deal with the one-choice constraint. I loved the descriptions of the courses, and the sort of clinical accounting of the guest's sensations as they consumed the food. It felt odd in a way that I really liked. I look forward to replaying if you decide to re-write the lost content!


Aaaw thanks!!